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Ladies' Shorts/Longs

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Ladies' Lark shorts from Dirt Road

Lark Shorts

Ladies' shorts, made from finely woven, lightweight cotton.

Colours: Stone, Olive, Khaki
Sizes: 30" - 42"

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Ladies' Courser shorts from Dirt Road

Courser Shorts

Ladies' linen shorts, cool and comfortable.

Colours: Stone, Camel
Sizes: 30" - 42"

Ladies' Plover roll-up longs from Dirt Road

Plover Roll-up Longs

Ladies' roll-up linen longs, cool and comfortable.

Colours: Stone, Olive
Sizes: 30" - 44"

Ladies' Wader Three-Quarter Trousers from Dirt Road

Wader Three-Quarters

Ladies’ three-quarters, made from medium-weight washed cotton drill.

Colours: Stone, Khaki
Sizes: 30" - 44"

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