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At Dirt Road we've put together a collection of products which we believe will meet your every need whilst enjoying the outdoors - whether it's work or play.

All Dirt Road products are manufactured in our own factory in the KZN Midlands, ensuring consistent quality. This also means we're able to supply smaller quantities at shorter notice.

In addition, we're flexible enough to be able to make up items specifically for you, provided the minimum number of units is met.

All the materials for our luggage and accessories - 100% cotton canvas, genuine cowhide leather, and antique brass trims - are sourced close to home and we use only the best.

As a result, we're able to confidently guarantee that our products are sufficiently robust to withstand the demands of your travels. The designs are the result of collective ideas and suggestions from our own travels and those of others.

The requirements of a travel bag vary considerably but there is bound to be a bag in the Dirt Road luggage range which will meet your needs. If not, there is a pretty good chance that we could make it!

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